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Helping Leicester & Leicestershire-based food and drink businesses to secure tenders.

Supply Chain Management, applying for tenders and managing successful contracts that have been awarded can provide food and drink businesses with a fruitful and constant funding stream, while raising the profile of your food and drink products across the UK and beyond.

Supporting growth in food and drink

Project Benefits

The ‘How To Win Food & Drink Tenders’ programme will provide businesses with a range of support across areas that will not only improve your chances of winning tenders, but will also provide you with the confidence to improve your existing business strategies to enable you to successfully manage your position within the supply chain. providing the contractor with confidence that you won’t become a weak link and will add value to their service.

Following completion of the programme you will be in a stronger position to apply for tenders, know how to answer commonly asked questions, and gain the exposure your business and products deserve.

How To Win Food & Drink Tender Workshops

  • Food Hygiene Standards & HACCP Planning to Make your Supply Chain More Effective – 26th October 2021 – Book here
  • How Food Standards & Accreditations are Required for Successful Tendering Opportunities – 2nd November 2021 – Book here
  • Food Labelling & Nutritional Information – 16th November 2021 – Book here
  • Reducing Carbon Emissions to Strengthen your Link Within a Supply Chain – 30th November 2021 – Book here
  • How Awareness of Your Employee Rights & Employer Responsibilities Can Ensure You Play a Consistent Part Within a Supply Chain – 14th December 2021 – Book here
  • Cybersecurity: Keeping your Staff, your Suppliers and Customers Safe – 11th January 2022 – Book here
  • Branding & Marketing Worthy of Winning Tenders – 25th January 2022 – Book here
  • How Developing Sustainable, Well-Designed Packaging Can Help you Win Tenders – 8th February 2022 – Book here
  • How Being Environmentally Sustainable Can Secure Tenders to Supply – 22nd February 2022 – Book here
  • Reducing Carbon Emissions in Food Production to Strengthen Your Supply Chain – 8th March 2022 – Book here

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To be eligible to access this support you must…

  • Be a food and drink business operator
  • Have less than 50 employees
  • Have a LE (Leicester/Leicestershire) Postcode

Attendees of the programme should be business owners / senior business leaders.

By applying to the programme you are committing to attend all 2-hour workshops.

To check your eligibility or to access the How To Win Food & Drink Tenders support call us on 01163 669729 or email enquiries@foodanddrinkforum.co.uk.

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