Leicestershire Peer Networks

High Quality Support at No Cost – don’t miss the opportunity to join the Leicestershire Peer Network for Food & Drink Manufacturers

Please make sure you don’t miss out on the great opportunity that’s coming up shortly for Leicestershire Food and Drink Manufacturers to get some fantastic free support via the second round of the Government’s Peer Networks initiative. It’s a fully funded (i.e. no cost) programme on offer through the Leicestershire Business Gateway Growth Hub being delivered by Oxford Innovation. Peer Networks participants get the huge benefit of being able to tap into the collective business skills and knowledge of other ambitious business leaders in sessions managed by an expert facilitator. It’s like having access to a top quality group of Non-Executive Directors or expert consultancy but without any effort or cost. Now’s the time to reserve your place!

Several Leicestershire Food and Drink businesses have already significantly increased their chances of success through taking part in the first round of Peer Networks. They joined six virtual Group sessions run across the period December to March involving up to 10 other businesses. Sessions were curated by David Williams who has first-hand experience of running a highly successful Food business (Butt Foods). David facilitated collective analysis and problem solving based on the real current issues facing the participants. The subject matter was entirely driven by the group members with the emphasis was firmly on finding realistic and deliverable solutions. Topics discussed included issues such as driving change within a business, creating a great middle management team, how to successfully launch new products and find new markets, and of course dealing with the challenges of COVID-19 and the Brexit outcome.

Participants also received bespoke one to one coaching and mentoring sessions in addition to the group sessions, which participants could use in any way that suited them. With the majority of businesses the participant was the Managing Director, but a few businesses chose to send another member of the senior management team as a piece of personal development – in some cases the person likely to be the next MD! That’s another great way to take advantage of Peer Networks.

For the second round not surprisingly we’ll be using exactly the same successful methodology. The satisfaction rate of participants in the first round was uniformly high and here’s what a couple of them said about it:

“I enjoyed my Peer Network experience as I find running a business sometimes very isolating and it was good to network with people having the same problems and successes and being able to share.  It’s good to know  the problems you face are not your own and we are all in it together” Peter Gardner MD/Founder Cocoa Amore (Leicester)

The Peer Network Group offered the opportunity to learn from others, exchange valuable wisdom and experience as well as giving me the reassurance that I was doing the right things.  It has given me so much insight into the vast amount of help that is available. It has been an absolute pleasure to meet like-minded, ambitious individuals who want to build a better future for themselves and the local economy”. Rozanna Madylus Sales & Marketing Manager Blackfriars Bakery (Leicester)

Should you get involved? If you can answer “yes” to four simple questions then Peer Networks will be right for you:

Eligibility: Are you a food and drink business manufacturing based in Leicestershire with over a year of trading; employing five or more people; and turning over at least £100K annually?

Ambition: Are you  committed to growing your business and ambitious to make this happen?

Attitude: Are you open to discussing your business issues with other business leaders and prepared to contribute to analysing their business issues?

Availability: Are you able to commit to six group sessions of around three hours each spread out across the rest of the year (predominantly delivered virtually)? The first group session will take place in September and on a monthly basis thereafter with dates arranged around the availability of participants.

If you’re ready to get on board then all you need to do to reserve your place is to complete the simple On Line enrolment form Enrol Here and then we’ll get back in touch with you shortly with some further details about when and how we’ll be getting underway. When completing the Enrolment Form please put “Food & Drink” in the “Cohort Name” box.