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Job Description Title:Senior Technical and Site Manager
Line Managed By:Commercial Manager
Line Manager For:NPD/Innovation Manager
Department / Work Area:The Food Works SW (Weston-super-Mare)
Hours:Full Time, Office Based, 37.5 hrs per week (Mon –Fri)
Annual Leave:25 (pro rata) in addition to 8 statutory
Salary:£45,000 – £55,000 dependent on experience



The site seeks to provide a food grade premises and a food technology resource of excellence in the South West for food and drink manufacturing businesses to enable them to grow and develop to a sustainable level where they can transfer operations into larger units. The purpose built facilities on The Food Works SW site will provide opportunities and support for businesses currently facing growth barriers in terms of accessing suitable premises to operate from and developing effective food technology and business development solutions. As a place of manufacturing excellence, The Food Works SW site must have a culturally positive environment for all stakeholders with a positive continuous improvement attitude to all operations.


To effectively market, promote, develop and deliver The Food Works SW site, facilities, resources and commercial services to the food and drink industry SMEs and the wider business and community sectors in order to support growth across the South West and the industry. 

The role requires effective management of all activity within The Food Works SW site, including daily on-site presence, facilities management including security and H&S together with administration and reporting, leasing and hiring of facilities, tenant support, partnership development, promotion of the Forum’s technical services with an emphasis on building and delivering viable commercial services. Care must be taken to ensure that operational practices, processes and deadlines are in line with all legal, statutory and regulatory duties, contractual obligations and any funding requirements. The role also requires the delivery of commercial activity for clients, on-site and off-site, regarding food management standards and/or food technology / product development.

The post holder will report to The Food and Drink Forums’ General Manager and manage The Food Works SW team in the day to day operations of The Food WorksSW and in the delivery of key performance targets. The main summarised activities associated with this role include the following, although this is not a definitive list:



To ensure the site remains of a high standard and safe at all times:

  • Manage the site on a day to day basis ensuring maintenance schedules and works are delivered and conducted on time, monitored, updated and  the site meets legislative requirements at all times;
  • Promote the business units for lease and the development kitchens for hire, optimising and managing facilities utilisation, occupancy levels and footfall to ensure revenue targets and KPI’s are achieved;
  • Ensure on-site presence, liaising with the Forum team, The Food WorksSW team and security in the event of absence due to; statutory holidays, team days etc;
  • Ensure compliance with all policies, operating procedures and maintenance schedules/logs/records for the Hub and site;
  • Responsible for managing and reporting on contractual and performance delivery, office management, office facilities, IT and security support, internal systems, operating procedures, site policies and database management;
  • To manage and report on;
  • Utilisation
  • Contracts, Hiring Agreements, Licence to Occupy
  • Quarterly client surveys, annual tenant surveys, user and neighbour feedback/complaints/surveys, annual facilities evaluations and other surveys as required;
  • To manage the marketing and use of the facilities by the wider community such as schools and charitable organisations to support social value, ensuring that The Food WorksSW impacts and benefits local communities (i.e. employment, jobs, workspace for organisations, promoting healthy food and careers in the sector).


  • To promote and market The Food Works SW facilities, services and business units to ensure maximum utilization in excess of financial, revenue and contractual targets;
  • To manage procurement, subcontractors, leasing and lease arrangements with tenants and hire agreements with facilities users;
  • To monitor cash flow, expenditure and revenues;
  • To report monthly to The Food and Drink Forum regarding all business function areas and contractual performance;
  • Responsible for reporting to The Food Works SW Partnership Board regarding financial and contractual performance, facilities management, subcontracting, purchases and renewals, commercial management, H&S, marketing, partnerships, business and community engagement, procurement, HR, legal compliance, issues and resolutions and the utilisation of Sinking Funds;


  • Source, manage and deliver client referrals for commercial services;
  • To meet revenue targets for Business Unit rent;
  • To meet revenue targets to maximise utilisation from the hire of Kitchens and meeting rooms;
  • To meet revenue targets for training and consultancy services;
  • To meet revenue targets for subcontracted Café activity;
  • To promote The Food WorksSW facilities, services and business units to ensure maximum utilization in excess of financial and contractual targets;
  • To ensure the marketing strategy of The Food Works SW facilities and activities support the revenue targets and streams i.e. through events, social media and PR campaigns as appropriate and in conjunction with the Forums marketing team;
  • To engage with businesses to identify scope for generating commercial incomes and or raising technical and business skills amongst Owner Managers / staff;
  • To develop, deliver and or support partner organisations in delivering training and or business events;
  • To report on deliverables, targets, outcomes, customer evaluations, commercial income streams to the Forum and The Food Works SW Partnership Board;
  • Manage the leasing / hiring of facilities, viewings, bookings, utilisation, contracts/agreements and evaluations;


  • To deliver food and drink sector technical services, on and off site, to food and drink businesses in order to generate revenue;
  • Provide coaching and up-skill businesses with technical skills and knowledge required in managing a successful business including new product development ;
  • Enhancing the uptake of food technology and process technology in the manufacturing of food products in order to raise standards and productivity;
  • Offer direct technical support and advice to applicants and tenants, e.g. product specifications, certification to national industry standards (SALSA / BRC) and compliance.
  • Assisting pre-start and start-up businesses with requisite food technical information and ensuring safe and legal ‘shelf ready’ products are manufactured;
  • Contributing to learning material design and deliver seminars / workshops around key food and sector topics;
  • Developing, delivering and / or supporting training workshops and events, creating a vibrant Hub used by tenants, partner agencies and food and drink manufacturers.


  • To facilitate unit handovers, issuing Tenant Welcome Packs and keys and conducting formal inductions and compliance activity;
  • To undertake technical assessments of all prospective businesses ensuring they meet agreed criteria for entry. This will give the business essential information from which to proceed;
  • To set required standards of food technical performance contributing to the technical policies of site businesses;
  • To provide tenant/unit inspections as required;
  • To manage tenant surveys and evaluations;
  • To provide technical liaison between businesses and the retail and food service client base;
  • To ensure rental payments are received on time.


  • To support the identification of all current, and the total number of Food and Drink businesses in the local and wider South West area, as appropriate;
  • To develop and increase business engagement and meet KPIs annually;
  • To provide specialist data collection (diagnostic baseline), information and brokerage services to Food and Drink sector businesses. This will be delivered on and off site by using the diagnostic questionnaire with businesses across the South West area;
  • To ensure that all administration is completed legibly, and submitted instantly to the designated administrator to input within 48 hours on the central system, with referrals as appropriate to partner agencies, referral outcomes are reported on for performance and monitoring;
  • To create a national Primary Authority specialist centre of knowledge in a specific area of food manufacturing not currently covered;
  • To identify potential sponsorship opportunities from other businesses;


  • To provide technical liaison between food and drink manufacturing businesses and the retail and food service client base;
  • To liaise with all compliance / enforcement agencies, e.g. EHO, Trading Standards, FSA, encouraging businesses to take a proactive approach to these organisations;
  • Relationship management with all clients and customers;
  • Forming strategic partnerships for The Food WorksSW to promote sector development, funding and sponsorship opportunities;
  • To collaborate with a range of partner organisations to maximise direct support to the sector e.g. Local Enterprise Partnerships, Local Authorities, Chambers of Commerce and other Food Centres as an example;
  • To link and have a close working relationship with all local Primary Authorities, Large Food Manufacturers sites/groups and local Knowledge Centres;
  • To ensure through active promotions and networking the site is the SW Regional Food Manufacturing Hub with national and international recognition;

To apply for this role please provide the following:                                           

  1. A Covering Letter demonstrating;
  1. Your interest in the role
  2. How your qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience meet the role and person specification
  3. How you would achieve the vision of The Food WorksSW and requirements of the role
  4. What added value you would bring to the role
  5. At least 2 references (one must be from your current employer). Please state whether referees can be contacted during interview stages.
  6. A Completed Application Form
  7. A Current CV

Download the person specification here

Please send your a copy of your CV and a covering letter to