COVID-19 Checklist Part 2

Covid-19 Bump in the Road II

Please find below part II of our Bump in the Road checklist for those producers that have halted production or stopped altogether for a while.

If production has slowed down or even stopped for you there are still many things that can be done right away to prepare you for increasing your sales once some kind of normality resumes across the nation.

To help producers we have put together a check list to help with the next couple of months in terms of helping you make the best use of this current down time and preparing you for the future, your recovery strategy is really important at this time.

As always we provide support with all options listed below on the check list, please do let us know if you need to chat with one of our Advisers.

¨ Have you considered how you can adapt your business model?  Fee free chat with one of our Advisers about alternative products that can be produced at this time to support gaps in the market and keep you producing?

¨ Have you given thought and consideration to your COVID-19 Recovery Plan. What does this look like, do you need help with putting this together?

¨ Communicate with your customers and also suppliers that there are changes to your production – keeping them informed is really important, they may be able to help you out in a variety of ways.

¨ Label checks – Are you confident that your labels are up to date and meet legislation, send them through to be checked by our technical team, ready for when things recover.

¨ Is your HACCP plan up to date? Speak to one of the technical team to ensure your plan is up to date and relevant.

¨ Ingredients – check shelf life and move on raw ingredients if you are not producing.

¨ Stay social – it is easy to disappear from all social media platforms, please keep this going keep spreading the word about your business, your products and other light hearted posts so people are aware of your presence – don’t be a victim of out of sight out of mind.

¨ Increase your social media skills – develop the skills to promote your products on a new platform.

¨ Improve your photography skills, experiment with scene setting for your products, and increase your bank of photographs.

¨ Update your website, change images, link it to your social media – continue to give people a reason to visit your key resource.

¨ Join an online food community – like The Food Hub – stay in touch with your food family.

¨ Rebranding – create a story/mood board for your rebrand – digitally or physically.

¨ Improve your packaging and look at ways of making your packaging more sustainable.

¨ Check out new and exciting markets, remember Christmas is being planned already for retailers across the UK and beyond.

¨ Spend this time to check out your competitors and influencers.

¨ Engage with food bloggers and writers.

¨ Take part in webinars and other online food community chats.

¨ Is your Food Safety Level 2 certificate up to date – take an on line course.

¨ Work with one of our Advisers on having a business diagnostic completed.

¨ Speak to one of our members about adapting of diversifying ideas.

¨ Check out the Chamber of Commerce and also LEPs for update date information on Covid-19, outlining government support and assistance at this time.

¨ Do not stop your business and product development -– try out new recipes and with new ingredients, feel free to use our NPD Manager, Zoe.

¨ If you have furloughed staff, keep in touch with them and ensure they are all ok, these key workers will be instrumental in getting you back on your feet.

Download a Printable Version of the Checklist Here