COVID-19 Production Checklist

COVID-19 – Bump in the Road –  Part I

During these uncertain times it is particularly important to stay focussed and keep producing if you can and while we appreciate this may mean adapting your product range, changing recipes to help with ingredient issues or identifying a new customer base, we are here to support you each step of the way.

We have issued two checklists for producers; one to help those who are producing and maintaining production capacity at present and one for those producers that have looked to slow down or halt production for the foreseeable future.

Keeping production moving – checklist

¨ Keep track of your raw ingredient supply – check with your suppliers to see if they anticipate any changes to supply.

¨ Keep in touch with your customers – communication is key through social media platforms, your website or by email.

¨ Keep social – on all platforms with customers, suppliers, fellow producers, local councils and MP’s, this is your community communication tool and will provide you with vital connections inbound and outbound for the business.

¨ If you are offering a contactless delivery for your products, enter your details on

¨ Reward your customers – encourage repeat business through rewards, offers and also competitions, ensure you keep engaging with them.

¨ If you supply into independent retail ask the retailer to review your payment terms to help you with cash flow, maybe they can consider paying your sooner – like some of the major supermarkets are doing at present to aid small business cash flow.

¨ Shout about the fact that you are open and have products and be sure to provide a price list of what products are available.

¨ Delivery – inform your clients of your delivery method/s and how quickly they can expect to receive your products, don’t forget to tell them what measures you are taking to keep them safe and comply with social distancing.

¨ Keep identifying gaps in retail markets and look to plug those gaps with your products.

¨ Work in collaboration – spend time looking at ways of working with other producers, joint promotions or ingredient exchange.

¨ Supply chain – keep an eye on your upwards and downwards supply chain – do what you can to avoid being the weak link – see our separate guide on maintaining the supply chain at present.

¨ Ensure you follow all the precautions and advice from the government that will enable your staff to stay safe and protect others from catching the virus.

¨ Keep up morale amongst your workforce, everyone is feeling the strain and remember you are classed as key workers and we need you to keep them going to ensure our communities are well fed.

If you require support with any of the above, please do not hesitate to make contact with us so we can talk through the elements that are most relevant to your business.  We are here to support you and keep you and your products safe.

Download a Printable Version of the Checklist Here