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Membership Level

By agreeing to become a member of The Food & Drink Forum, you are agreeing for us to use your details to send opportunities, news and updates. We will not pass your details onto any third party companies.

Membership Services / Discounts

The Forum appreciates the need to for an environment for food businesses to meet and develop relationships. Drawing together the best of the food manufacturing industry, vibrant artisan producers and business working along food supply-chains, The Forum provides a network arena second to none. Its events are attended by talented, driven individuals and companies looking for opportunities to exchange best practice and collaborate to move their business forward.

The Forum’s memberships packages are tailored to meet the needs to different sized businesses, ensuring the available services and opportunities are affordable and valued. The Forum always put its members first – through our contacts, partners and suppliers, we are able to provide exclusive offers and opportunities to our members before anyone else! Membership provides food businesses with:

  • Access to networking and learning events to keep you connected and up-to-date
  • Access to affordable business and technical support to enable your business to grow
  • Access to our Buying Group to assist you reduce your costs
  • Access to services and discounts provided by our Consultant members
  • Updates on public funded business support
  • Access to discounts on the Business Centre facilities at Southglade Food Park – meeting rooms and fully equipped new product development kitchen Facility
  • Keep up-to-date with local news items and updates from other members

If we can’t help we will put you in touch with someone that can!

Membership Packages

The Forum offers four membership grades designed to ensure all sized businesses can access appropriate, affordable and valuable services. Bronze, Silver and Gold Membership packages are available to any food and drink producer or manufacturer of any size, from start-up companies to larger established organisations. For businesses wishing to supply into sector, The Forum has developed a Consultant Membership grade specifically tailored to benefit your company.

  • The Bronze grade offers entry-level access to the network, support services, offers and discounts;
  • The Silver grade is perfect for those companies looking for added support and benefits with higher discounts on support services;
  • The Gold membership is for those companies looking for a large amount of support and ideal for those looking to gain accreditations or undertake extensive development projects;
  • The Consultant grade is for all those companies looking to supply products or services to the food and drink sector.

Whatever your needs and objectives, we are confident that we can support and help you as we have many organisations in the past.
Be part of the food network that provides you with advice and support you need!

Should your business membership expire/lapse you will automatically be downgraded to our Free Network Membership.