Strategic Support for The Industry

 Strategic Support for The Industry

The Forum understands the need for industry representation to ensure strategic objectives are communicated effectively to key stakeholders, support agencies and the public sector. Without such representation, industry sectors do not benefit from a collaborative approach that overcoming shared issues and problems.

Industry led membership organisations, such as the Forum, play an active role in facilitating this collaborative approach. Access to direct grant funding to businesses, developing infrastructure projects, enabling skills and training support as well as challenging local and national Government are examples of how the Forum has supported the food industry.

Recently, The Forum has assisted several LEPs to develop their support to the food industry:

  • It assisted the Leicester and Leicester Enterprise Partnership develop its strategic plans
  • It is running a series of events for D2N2 to determine what the industry needs from the LEP and how public funds may achieve this
  • Raised the awareness of what benefits food parks can bring to the local economy in Derbyshire and Northamptonshire
  • Examining the benefits of access to port infrastructure in the Humber for the benefit of food businesses in the East Midlands and Yorkshire regions

The Forum’s strategic support has facilitated over £15m of support for the industry since it was established in 1998. We are proud of our achievements and grateful to our members that enable us to conduct this work.