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Health & Nutrition Month Spotlight On: PiQi


PiQi produces fermented water kefir, a dairy-free beverage that contains naturally occurring probiotic cultures that help support gut-health and overall wellbeing.

The Solution

PiQi was born out of a simple idea to help people look after their gut-health on a plant-based sustainable diet.

Digestive problems are a common occurrence in our everyday lives. It was estimated that nearly 86% of all   British adults suffer from some form of a gastrointestinal problem. Much of this is attributed to stress and the types of foods we eat which are highly processed.

We now know that a healthy gut contributes to a stronger immune system which is why there is an  increased focus on raw and traditionally fermented foods.

While dairy kefir (pronounced keh-FEER) is well established in Western diet, water kefir is still relatively new to UK and Europe.

Water kefir is traditionally fermented using water kefir grains, sugar and water. During the fermentation process sugar levels decrease as some of the sugar gets metabolised while gut-friendly cultures increase, resulting in a slightly sweet and tart sparkling beverage.

PiQi’s brewing process concentrates on nurturing the lactic acid bacteria in kefir and uses organic ingredients in line with its ethos. PiQi water kefirs are raw and unpasteurised so that the live cultures can nourish the gut.

PiQi is a vibrant new startup at The Food WorksSW that recently launched its range of vegan water kefirs and is now working on    distribution and launching its ecommerce shop.

You can follow them on Instagram at @PiQiLife or visit their website www.piqilife.com

"There’s definitely an increased focus on gut microbiome and its importance to our overall health. It’s a big shift in consumer attitudes in recent years towards traditional fermented foods that can nourish and balance the body naturally."
Aksana Fitzpatrick, Founder