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Martin from Loxley’s Larder received a range of technical support from the FEAST2 team, including labelling guidance, food safety requirements and processing parameters.


Producer of Charcuterie such as salami, air-dried ham and air-dried beef. Loxley’s Larder use outdoor-reared, quality animals produced by small local farms. The business aims to produce top quality products in an environmentally sensitive manner.

The Solution

Martin from Loxley’s Larder contacted FEAST2 for technical support; he had already completed many hours of product and business research and was well advanced in the process of meeting food safety requirements which are audited by Enforcement Officers. The final steps were proving a barrier to achieving full approval and he urgently needed support to permit his business to move forward.

FEAST2 were able to confirm key processing parameters and recognised scientifically proven guidance, (including where to purchase analytical processing equipment) and provide labelling support for Loxley’s Larder. Martin is now an approved supplier and a true Local Artisan Producer of fantastic charcuterie.

Loxley’s Larder has also benefitted from FEAST2 Online Selling Webinar, and Online Content – Getting the Right Message Out There Webinar during the lockdown period.

“I received vital technical support from FEAST2 which was an important support for me navigating the difficulty of getting approval by environmental health/FSA. If you are thinking of speaking to FEAST2, definitely do so sooner rather than later.”
Martin Miller