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Health & Nutrition Month Spotlight On: CHEFF



CHEFF began in January 2019 with the purpose to make energising food easy.


The Solution

One of the hardest things about establishing and maintaining a healthy diet is resisting temptation to fatty foods due to them being so accessible within our society. CHEFF challenges this by making nutritious food and balanced meals more accessible than ever.

CHEFF provides an alternative to your typical take-away and in doing so allows people to make personal and positive lifestyle changes. In providing our service we recognise a responsibility to our customers, to our community and to the planet.

CHEFF began in January 2019 with the purpose to make energising food easy. Starting off, initially only     selling our signature nutrition box our menu has been gradually crafted to revolutionise how people perceive ‘fast food’. With an intensive health focus, CHEFF cater to all individual tastes and dietary requirements.    Ensuring that we provide clear nutritional information about our food along with providing a wealth of vegan and vegetarian options means our health curious and concerned customers can be confident that our meals are well balanced, healthy, and delicious.

We aim to be as eco-friendly as possible, unlike other restaurants we only use biodegradable and recyclable packaging. We also source our meat from local farms and ensure that all our ingredients are locally sourced, to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible.

Cheff is part of a global movement of changing attitudes and beliefs. We aim to collaborate with our local community and neighbouring businesses to help promote health and wellness to as many people as possible.

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"Cheff aims to revolutionise fast-food. We empower our customers by providing an easy, green, and nutritious alternative to the typical take-away that can be catered to your dietary needs."