We can provide manufacturers with modern and cost amenable food grade premises at Southglade Food Park, Leicester Food Park and The Food Works SW.

Food Parks are purpose-built facilities allowing food & drink businesses to meet regulatory standards whilst offering lower financial risks than the cost of retrofitting and maintaining a standard industrial unit.

Units on these sites conform to the highest food standards, including BRC Grade AA, and meet the latest environmental health legislation. Various sized units are provided to enable start-up and growth manufacturers to fulfil their production requirements in
the safe knowledge that maintenance costs will be minimised.

As the creator of the first public/private food park in the UK, we have a unique expertise and knowledge to provide valuable feasibility studies on behalf of both the public and private sector. We have conducted many studies, including Leicester City Food Park and Everards Food Park.

Call us on 0115 975 8810 to see how your business could benefit from being based on a food park.

production cookie in factory

Through our extensive business network, we can also direct you to food manufacturers that have spare production capacity at their sites.

This is a valuable opportunity for those manufacturers trying to deal with peak production activity or looking for temporary solutions whilst refitting production lines.

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